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Practical Histology Training Course
Course Duration: 6th to 17th September

The Uralensis Innov8 Practical Histology Training offers the skills and techniques you require to function effectively in an NHS histopathology laboratory. It is aimed at Medical Laboratory Assistants (MLAs), Associate Practitioners (APs), and Biomedical Scientists (BMSs) who may have little or no experience in laboratory medicine.


  • An INTENSIVE PRACTICAL COURSE where you will be certified in key histopathology skills such as embedding and microtomy techniques by experienced trainers.


  • You will be trained to work efficiently


  • Both independent and teamwork


  • A 2-week training course with 5 days a week (Mon – Fri).


  • Course dates: 6th - 17th September 2021.


The course will be run by an experienced Consultant Pathologist and Senior Biomedical Scientist. It will cover:

  • Histopathology as part of the pathology disciplines
  • Role of a histopathology scientist
  • Members of the histopathology team
  • Hot topics in histopathology
  • Histopathology and clinical sciences
  • Histopathology Processes
    • Specimen reception
    • Accessioning cases
    • Gross dissection
    • Tissue Processing
    • H & E Autostaining
    • Embedding techniques
    • Microtomy techniques
    • Staining techniques
    • Quality assurance in histopathology
  • Introduction to microscopy
  • Digital Pathology
  • Whole slide scanning
  • Laboratory Information Management System

Target audience:

The course is specifically designed for those with or without a science degree or school leaver who wishes to pursue a career in the health sector especially in Histology.

This course is aimed at anyone interested in working as a Biomedical Science in the NHS. The training will give you the confidence that you can start a job as an MLA or BMS running!

Outcomes of the Course:

  • The course certified to be competent in the core histology techniques
  • The course will give you the confidence to apply for NHS and private sector histopathology posts
  • The course will give you a good insight into the role and career opportunities in this specialty



The course will take place in Liverpool City Centre



If you require financial support for the course you can contact one of the lenders below. Uralensis Innov8 Ltd does not provide its own funding services and these organizations work independently. Uralensis Innov8 Ltd takes no responsibility for the actions of the suggested companies and this is left to the discretion of the applicant if they wish to pursue this or other channels.  

Sainsbury's Bank
Lloyds Bank
M&S Bank



Once you have successfully completed our training, you will be awarded a level 3 Certificate endorsed by the training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK). Our recruitment team will also assist you in finding a job within the NHS hospitals and private laboratories across the UK.

Course duration: The duration of this training is 2 weeks ( 6th Sep – 17th Sep)

Practical Lessons (Mondays - Friday): 10:00am - 16:00pm

Accreditation: Our trainings are accredited by the CPD group in the United Kingdom.

Dr Iskander H. Chaudhry

Dr Iskander H. Chaudhry is a consultant histopathologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He has varied experience working at St James’ Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary as a Skin and Soft Tissue Pathologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Manchester University.

He graduated from Manchester’s School of Medicine in 1996 and then embarked on a career in Pathology, training in the Mersey Deanery. In 2004 is was awarded a Fellowship at St. John’s Institute of Dermatology and trained as a dermatopathologist under Dr Eduardo Calonje and Dr Alistair Robson. In 2005, he received a visiting Fellowship to Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA for 3 months and trained under the supervision of Professor Martin Mihm Jr. He has an active role in teaching and is a founding member and on the organising committee of the London Dermatopathology Symposium, which is an International Scientific and Clinical Pathology meeting.

He stood as an executive member on the national committee of the British Society of Dermatopathology and was secretary of the National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Clinical Pathologists for just under a decade.

Mr Chika K. Eze BSc(Hons), MSc, FIBMS

Mr Chika K. Eze is an Advanced Practitioner in Specimen Dissection and a Histopathology team manager at the cellular pathology laboratory of the Liverpool University Hospital. He is also the training officer with many years of histopathology experience and has worked in many hospitals within and outside the UK. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (IBMS) where he has gained numerous diplomas.

He is an independent End-Point assessor for Biomedical Sciences for the Liverpool John Moore University and an IBMS examiner. He has actively contributed in writing articles for organisations such as the IBMS which include these publications:

Eze, C. K. (2018). 24/7 Laboratory Service. The Biomedical Scientist, 18 – 21.

Eze, C. K. (2017). Staff Empowerment in Pathology. The Biomedical Scientist, 34-35.

Eze, C. K. (2015). Syphilis Diagnosis by Immunohistochemistry: A Case Study. The Biomedical Scientist 59 (1) 16 – 20.

Chika has recently commenced the completion of the Institute of Biomedical Science & Royal College of Pathologists Advanced Specialist Diploma in Histological Dissection specialising in Urological Pathology. He had previously gained the Institute of Biomedical Science & Royal College of Pathologists Diploma of Expert Practice in Histological Dissection and has continued to excel in his professional practice. He has also achieved various professional and academic qualifications to support his role and to empower his team such as the IBMS/University of Ulster Certificate of Expert Practice in Training; the IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma; the Institute of Leadership & Management diploma and many teaching qualifications.

Chika was a nominee for the 2020 Health Education England Award (HEAT) and has continually thrived in empowering, training and continual development of colleagues within the profession.

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