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Slide Seminar and MDT Cases
Slide Seminar Case No. 1 (2 slides)

Clinical History

• 75 year old female presented with a palpable mass

• Mammographic abnormality and bloody nipple discharge

• Core biopsy – B5a with possible microinvasion

• Underwent a WLE and sentinel node biopsy

Slide Seminar Case No. 2 (3 slides)

Clinical History

• 74 year old lady

• Presented with persistent blood stained nipple discharge

• P2 RADIOLOGY: Mass left UOQ – 17mm on U/S - M5 U5 A4

Slide Seminar Case No. 3 (2 slides)

Clinical History

• 85 years old with large right breast lump

• Presented as an acute patient with bleeding of right breast lump

• 5cm lump palpable in LOQ of breast with recently formed overlying small scab P3/P4

Slide Seminar Case No. 4 (3 slides)

Clinical History

• 66 year female with no family history of breastcancer

• Hypertension

• BMI32 Screen detected spiculated mass

• 5mm on mammography (M5), 4mm on ultrasound (U5), Axilla normal (A1)

• Not palpable

MDT Case No. 1 (5 slides)

Clinical History

• 53 year old female- symptomatic left breast cancer 2016

• July 2016 left wide local excision and ANC 2 lesions: 20mm

• Grade 2 ER 8/8 Her2 negative Ki67 30% LVI+ and 2mm ER 7/8 PGR 7/8, Her2 negative Ki67 4% (10mm between)

• 3+1 mic/12 lymph nodes with ECS

• Declined adjuvant chemo radiotherapy

MDT Case No. 2 (5 slides)

Clinical History

• 45 year old lady

• This lady was diagnosed with a breast cancer several years ago and needs slotted in for mammographic and Self Directed Aftercare assessment

• Lump in armpit in 2016 but no disease in the breast was found

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